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Zakro is pretty chill. He has quite a bit of posts. He is respected by most OTers. He enjoys gaming, and sometimes made 8-bit sculptures. He and ninenyan9 at one point shared these 8-bit sculptures with each other and built them together. He used to be known as Rawk666 until that account was deleted. Very few modern OTers refer to him as Rawk666, but he tends to act as if Rawk never existed in the first place if the name is brought up.He is somewhat known for a large OT'er list that was strung together over the course of a few months. he is a filthy liar. He can regularly be found playing Apocalypse Rising with a few other OTers, such as boring, phasmophobia, emilylacee, and bravo6whisky.

He was featured on Zacmaq's Top 100 OT'ers of 2013, reaching the #2 position only being beaten by Qwazola.