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YukiOtoko (Snow Man) is the King of Ice; the ruler of The Ice Kingdom.

Previous usernames: icyiceking, Aisukingu, ChristopherPetrikov, christhebrick

He joined ROBLOX on the 3rd of December 2012 and probably started OTing in early 2013.

He currently has a post count of 28,648 as of 22/03/2015


YukiOtoko has brown hair, brown eyes, snowy skin and holds a windforce. When enraged, he can transform his body into a large demonic entity with sharp teeth and berserk like eyes.

Ice magic

It is believed the OTer Marlov crafted him his ice potion which allows him to become and control the element of ice and snow at will.

He is a cryokinetic being, meaning he has absolute power over ice and snow but unfortunately he sometimes dresses up as a Yeti and freezes people in which he finds himself contained.