xxBlondeGirlx is a majestic, flamboyant OTer who has only seen herself on a 'Favourite OTers' list once.

xxBlondeGirlx's ROBLOX life.

She started in late 2011. She played games with her brother SpikeDude01 and sometimes with a noob called drillsargesam.

xxBlondeGirlx first got Builders Club in 2012, in the last few days of her BC she created a group called CutiePieMarzia, the group's members rised a lot within the first few months of existing. The group is nearly at 400 members.

Somewhere around June/July 2013 xxBlondeGirlx discovered OT, a magnificent forum filled with humour and mini-mods.

She didn't mind the mini-mods and started posting in OT. At first she was hated in OT for 'bad jokes' but gained a bit of popularity, though she's only seen herself in two 'Favourite OTers' lists.

When she sees a list without herself on she says, "*DRINKS MILK.*"

She has seen herself on this thread:

Unfortunate (funny) things that happened.

So far the only unfortunate, but funny, thing that has happened was a thread called "L2D = How many kids I will have when I'm older" In the body of the thread she said 'Pls be 2 pls be 2' the answer was 99, the highest number the ID Gods could give on an L2D.

xxBlondeGirlx's alts

xxBlondeGirlx gets banned a lot. He is a list of her ALTS:

  • TheRedLadyMercenary.
  • kagaminerinandlen02 (Deleted)
  • MissMindyMonday (Deleted)
  • Mikuchan01 (Account password forgotten)
  • FantasticMsFox.

Anybody who claims to be my ALT, and is not on that list, is a fake.