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NLCC95 is a noob
XC6 is a recent forumer in Off Topic. He has a reputation of posting controvertial topics (such as gay marriage and abortion) and recently got his main account (XC6) terminated. Also, he disbelieves in god as well. Anything that says words like "hell" will provoke him. XC6 has over 60,000 posts collectively and forums a lot. XC6 is a babyfur and a used-to-be brony who defends bronies and has a disliking to anti-bronies. He is also an avid atheist. He is from England, UK and is 16 years old. He dislikes bigotry and tries to remain open-minded. It is also said that he and TNT91 continuously argue on threads. He often switches throught alts. For example, the one shown to your right is the 31st alt that he has had.