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Windowssonic is a male ROBLOX player that joined March 2nd, 2010. He started foruming on OT as of mid-late September of 2012. He, also, is turning 13 (as of Monday, August 12, 2013) in two days. Here is some more info about this ROBLOX player. Usually, he would often get hate because he seemed to like Macs. Also, he has asked NineNyan9 to meet him sometime. NineNyan9 declined, as he said "windowssonic is a fashion wimp." This is often true, as he spends hundreds of dollars on Gucci and Prada and may sometimes be insulted for doing so. However, his account lived a short life. Windowssonic was deleted Febuary 1st, 2014.


The ROBLOX Player, Windowssonic, found ROBLOX after searching the interent in January-February of 2010. Then, he finally decided to join on March 2nd, 2010. From then now he started making games and has been working hard to be nice and playful to other ROBLOX players. In 2012, he stumbled upon the ROBLOX Forums. He started posting a couple of times in RT (ROBLOX Talk) and then finally saw OT. He went onto OT and then started posting there. He has been posting in OT then on. However, he has been posting on other forums still, but that will be explained in the topic "RT/Other Forums List". 

Ban History

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RT/Other Forums current list

Windowssonic has also participated in some other forums:

  • ROBLOX Talk
  • ROBLOX Global
  • BLOXCon 2013
  • Website Test
  • Forum Games
  • Role-Playing
  • Music Fans

Alt accounts

Some of windowssonic's alt accounts are:

  • windowsonic
  • windowsssonic
  • XxStArSXxx
  • Sonictheheghog1221 (really old, from 2010)
  • there are some more, but a lot of the ones he created are just things he just threw away later. 

Older Pictures of windowssonic