A friendly OTer who likes half-life. It's believed that he has over 20 alts, but he only uses two to post called whitebrutus and altwidebrutus. He also has a secret alt that only NineNyan9 knows about. He also used to host NineNyan9's PBS where he makes Apple Stores. They both share a hobby of Toy Collecting, and supposedly they are the only ones who can understand it. They have shown off their collection pictures to each other. Because he lives in Colombia, he has trouble getting his toys. He lives in Colombia and is the 2nd oter known to live in south america while Operamini is the first one. Widebrutus recently bought an Asus ROG, implying that he does PC game.

Apparently he likes Arsenio Hall ALF the alien and first person shooters.

Widebrutus was liked by many OTers until his deletion. He is still remembered in OT to this day.

Some time around the beginning of September 2014. PugglePie had posted a thread insulting Adalia Rose (the alien). Many people were outraged. And after the end of it. Widebrutus was suddenly deleted. It is believed the cause of deletion might have something to do with him taking his insults over the line or Too far. To the point it was CD'ed.

He now uses widebrutuss / maybachs as his new main


  • Salmon
  • Raw Sirloin Steak
  • Pepperoni
  • The Smiths
  • Morrissey
  • Sprite
  • Ginger Ale


  • He's the only Colombian OTer
  • He's afraid of needles
  • His steam name is caligula, but you can find him as amonogliantiger
  • He joined ROBLOX in August 26, 2010, under the account Marshall1123