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Ventus48539, now known as BooneHEAD, is a forumer who usually resides in RT. He is infamous for spamming at an unusual, rapid rate. "A forum-scale Petrikov, immune to deletion." Ventus and another forumer by the name of Fastlane250 were in a 'post race' by posting as much as you can, and the winner had to have 100,000 posts. Now (as of July 2017) only 4 have ever gotten at least 100k (Ventus, Webspace, ForeverTail, and Fastlane, all in order from greatest to least), but Ventus was the first one to achieve the milestone, and is now #1 in post count with over 125,000 posts.  


Some people who are fans of Ventus, (mainly RTers) may use #goventus as their signature. This will sometimes cause arguments to arise.


Some people use the signature #stopventus because they usually despise him. It is not as commonly used as #goventus, but it is still seen every once and awhile in the forums.