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Ventus is known for holding the title of forumer with the largest post count. To celebrate, RT had started spamming. This causes anger with some OTers, as his fans can tend to be very mean.

Some RTers claim that since Ventus forums with them, they are the superior subforum. That doesn't really matter though. Every once and awhile, Ventus will stop by Off Topic.


Ventus started foruming in 2011. He spammed to reach 100k and his "opponent," Fastlane250, is currently at 99

k. Fast got mad and started a protest to remove post count. Fastlane also made an anti ventus group, which had been deleted. Ventus has not spammed on such a grand scale since he hit 100k; however, he still spams and trash-posts on several FG and MT threads, making him somewhat more forgettable and more tolerable to a lot of newer OTers. Although this is true, for perfectly valid reasons, some OTers still retain a strong hatred against him and the moderators.