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Troublemaker3544 has been an OT'er for about a year. During that time span he has forumed off and on. His peak in popularity was late 2012.  Since then, he has been fairly inactive on the forums, resulting in a huge decline in popularity.


Since becoming an OT'er, Troublemaker3544 has been friends with several other OT'ers. 

He was loose friends with the old OT'er "Scootalicious," who is now inactive. This friendship was the result being an asshat and flaming multiple OT'ers to sucide. 

He became good friends with OT'er RePwnedYou after becoming admin on RPY's server.  This eventually lead to the two becoming friends. Ever since then, the often take part in shenanigans with each other and play games with each other.


Troublemaker3544 was never majorly popular. His peak in popularity was near the end of 2012, and since then he has become fairly unknown. Some OT'ers that have been around for awhile still recognized him.