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TheRealBetatest123 is an OTer from Europe. He is hated by some people in OT. He was known in 2010-2011 for minimodding, using the term "Your argument is invalid" and telling people "WRONG FORUM".

ROBLOX History

In 2009, TheRealBetatest123 found ROBLOX and registered as "BetaTest123". He wasn't a forumer then. He played games. TheRealBetatest123 also made an alt called "OsteriOssi9".

In 2010, BetaTest123 got terminated for profanity (Content: "Thanks for staying still, wanker!"). Then he moved to OsteriOssi9 and started foruming. In June 2012, OsteriOssi9 got terminated for no apparent reason with a Post Count of approx. 2500. TheRealBetatest123 kept a 1 ½ month pause from ROBLOX. In July 2012, TheRealBetatest123 returned to forum. TheRealBetatest123 has successfully gained more fame in Off-Topic because of his hated quotes he uses.

Because he has stopped trolling, TheRealBetatest123 is now more respected. He still does small pranks and jokes.

Posting behavior

TheRealBetatest123 uses proper grammar. He also puts spaces between every line, to make it easier to read. If TheRealBetatest123 finds himself in a Thread with horrible grammar, he posts only one reply that is in a horrible grammar (Example: ogm u serius guise waow) or, in very rare cases, fixes the grammar.



  • Drawing
  • Furries
  • MLP:FiM
  • Gaming
  • Petrikov
  • Caketrooper
  • Strawberries
  • Sweden
  • Seals
  • Pigeons
  • Swimming


  • Mainstream music artists
  • Mainstream emoticons
  • Other mainstream stuff
  • Stupid comedy movies (Movies that contain kicking in the balls, farting etc.)
  • Ice hockey
  • Football


  • 13etaTest123 (1/1/2013)


  • Loves classic ROBLOX
  • Loves music (especially dubstep, drum n' bass, house, techno and electronic)
  • Active in school weeks, even more active in weekends
  • Favorite colours are all except all types of brown
  • For some reason, the word "mean" (as in an insult) rustles his jimmies almost instantly
  • Loves drawing