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Swifttalon1 started to forum in OT on October 21st, 2012. He's a user friendly,14 year old enjoying his time on ROBLOX by posting, building, or playing the various games found on ROBLOX.

He has over 29.8k posts. He's friendly towards just about everyone on OT. He's also obsessed with Harry Potter.

As of May 17th 2015 he is terminated. He now uses the account Swiftaloon.

How He Found OT

Swifttalon1 found OT indirectly when playing sword Fighting Arena. He was playing in a server with the known OTer, Sweetie. Sweetie invited him to OT minutes before he left the server, but Swift denied the request at the moment. A month or so later Swift stumbled upon OT when just browsing the website. Sweetie was still posting at the time and he would sometimes converse with him.



Swifttalon1 as of October 26th, 2013

Swifttalon1 of course likes posting on OT and playing random flash games, especially on Kongregate and Ninjakiwi. He has another hobby also, reading. He has maintained the status of top reader in his school ever since grade four up to seventh. The program wasn't available in his new school he had joined in eighth grade. He also likes to maintain straight A's in school, which he has also maintained.


Although he has many friends on OT, he usually refers to his good or best friends by giving them nicknames or frequently posting or talking about or to them. His very favourite friend is Luffyman50, of whom Swifttalon1 shares an interest in the anime, One Piece. Some of his best friends are also Slydexia, Feline75, Firekiller, PokemonEevee, Wintell, QueenofSaigon, Kingoffail, and some others.

Hopes and Dreams

Swifttalon1 one day hopes to be a wealthy person during his life. His dream job(s) are becoming an architect, entrepreneur, programmer, or chemist. He also hopes to finish the One Piece series and quite possible meet another OT'er in real life, although very few live in his state, Oklahoma.