Strikeout8 was a fairly well-known OTer who usually posts in the morning and in the evening. However, on Sundays and Saturdays, he could be seen posting late at night. He also hated being ignored, which ordinarily happened. He had started a few raids and flamewars in his life, most notably the Emma & Puppy War and the second 1D Wiki raid. He was also commonly banned, and on 7/7/14, was deleted.  Strikeout8 was one of the few remaining OTers from 2008. Due to his deletion, he now posts on his alt, Roadworx.

Emma & Puppy War

The Emma & Puppy War, one of OT's many great dramas, was started when he posted on the Pewdiepie Fan group "Pewdiepie sucks." Emma, along with Puppy, invited him to a party and then proceeded to flame him. However, Strikeout8 had other plans; he posted every chat to OT for everyone to see. After a while, he told the two what he did when the thread had already accumulated 4 pages, and the flamed him on the thread. Both Emma and Puppy for flamed out of OT, but it didn't end there. The harrassment continued for four more hours with Puppy, when OT was following her and flaming her to every place she went to. It finally ended with Strikeout8 and Puppy agreeing on a truce.

7/7/14 Controversy

Before the controversy surrounding the The Next Level Incident, Strikeout8 had posted a thread about how a nude black man was dancing on his roof, spouting voodoo rituals. A few hours later, when the controversy was at its highest point, Strikeout8 was deleted for both the thread mentioned and for mentioning the controversy. He then went on his secondary account, Roadworx, and continued posting..