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Stinger4 is an OTer who has been seriously foruming since Summer of 2012, despite the fact that he joined on April 20th, 2009. He has had two previous accounts, both in 2009, and one alt, 44regnitS. He is often not considered a "true" OTer since he does not have more than 10k posts. This is because his activity is limited due to his involvement in school and sports (which is not discussed by him very often).

Appearance and IRL

Stinger4 is a male in real life, and runs both cross country and track. During those seasons, he is not very active on OT, hence his low post count. His ROBLOX avatar almost always has a combination of the orange teakettle hat and the tentacles junior hat.

Personality and Types of threads

Stinger4 tends to post with decent grammar and be satirical in his posts. The bulk of his threads are scenarios, last digit threads, and whatever fad may be circulating on OT as of that moment. Occasionally he draws certain people's robloxians when he's bored.