StickyNoteBandit/EpicSnack3 (or Bryant) is a forumer who has been part of ROBLOX since 2011 and part of Off Topic/the ROBLOX Forums since 2012. He has a wide variety of alts (JaegerJinaxi, LuchaUnderground) due to an old habit of getting banned or deleted a lot. Despite being somewhat known through the community, he can be described as a "summerbag" since school takes up most of his time and he is a frequent poster during the summer.


StickyNoteBandit first joined ROBLOX around early 2011 with a friend from school. His very first account, EpicSnack3, was used for playing ROBLOX games most of the time. After being introduced to the ROBLOX Forums in 2012, he abandoned EpicSnack3 and created TheEpicGum as well as an alt called T3G. TheEpicGum would forum frequently on Clans & Guilds before moving to Off Topic after he began disliking clans. Another alt known as OTCostco would be created when other accounts like it were made by other users (e.g. OTWalmart and OTTarget).


As a new member of Off Topic, TheEpicGum would always participate in actions such as flame wars, arguments, and other things that were usually frowned upon from 2013 to 2014. He would eventually get terminated on TheEpicGum and lose the password to T3G in 2014. After attempting to get into OTCostco and being deleted, JaegerJinaxi was created and would be his primary foruming account from 2014 to early 2015, when JaegerJinaxi would also be deleted. The alt for JaegerJinaxi, NoUnderwearFTW, would be deleted prior to any activity on the account. EpicSnack3 was revisited and is now the primary account for Bryant, with LuchaUnderground being his alt.


The only major "contribution" to the Off Topic Wiki that Bryant has done is create the original Off Topic Incidents page, a page that is now the center of much hate and over 100, uh, "incidents".