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Sherlox was born on August 17th, is fourteen years old, and lives in America. Her descent is mixed, as her father is black and her mother is white.  She's an old OTer who joined in 2009, known under the title "grandma sherlox." She achieved that name after a famous thread called "ANNA GET OUTTA THE BATHROOM". involved her, SpartaZ, and Anna200. That, of course, was her first account with Anna200. She would later have more, and they would become extremely close. In mid 2011, Sherlox went on a hunt for attention, which included her shouting innuendos at everyone and posting really explicit content. This resulted in her 15 minutes of infamy, and  where she also met mrcrazyperson (mcp). 

Sherlox and Anna200

Sherlox and Anna200 originally encountered each other in the post mentioned above, but their second encounter was the start of a new friendship. On July 18th, 2010, Anna200 created ot_chatroom. It was a successful chatroom, as many people still joined to this day. This is where Sherlox met Anna200, as they marveled together over Brandnio227, a boy who had just taken his shirt off. From there, them, and everyone in the chat exchanged skypes. Thus, the original gang of OT was born.

Sherlox and mrcrazyperson

During Sherlox's attention-seeking phase, she posted sexually explicit threads about just any male OTer she spotted , whether she knew them or not, and just so happened to make a thread about mrcrazyperson. Though he did not take extremely well to it, they began to talk after her small outrage, and eventually started to like each other. They became known around OT and ot chat. Unfortunately, after certain events, Sherlox became extremely angry and decided that she would cut off all contact between her and everyone who may know her on the internet. It only lasted about a week and a half, but during that, mrcrazyperson became slightly upset and left for a while himself, and when Sherlox returned, he was not there. They slowly drifted away, and eventually just stopped talking to each other.