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Scenario: Everyone on OT gets banned! XD

–Anonymous, unknown date


Like most fads on OT, scenario threads were started when someone made a scenario thread. The fad spread around OT becoming common on OT. Scenario threads are threads made by users of OT, and are classified as an OT fad. A user posts a scenario in the title thread, and the other users respond with what they would do and how do they react. Usually some of these may have to do with celebrities or OTers.


  • Scenario: You are Kim Kardashian.

    Example of a Scenario Thread

  • Scenario: You are Justin Beiber.
  • Scenario: You wake up stranded in Somalia.
  • Scenario: You see ghosts
  • Scenario: All scenario threads cease to exist from this point on 
  • Scenario: You get shrunk to the size of a skyscraper 
  • Scenario: A fat man is about to be shot onto you from the Eiffel tower using a 150mm artillery piece manned by a gazelle, an otter, and 1200 ants that formed into a rat.