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SamanthaTheEvil is an OTer infamous for spamming her group and spamming that she will "take over ROBLOX." She received as much hate as 67thave. The account is a troll alt based off of the obby character from "She's Coming 3."


SamanthaTheEvil joined ROBLOX on January 7th 2012. She's probably an account of a huge fan of the She's Coming 3 obby. She started foruming in OT in early 2013. She gathered a lot of hate upon her 1st post and made a fan group for herself. Many OT'ers joined it.

Her account was deleted sometime between the 20th and 25th of October, her group was then claimed by Topkekker.

Wanting to Take over ROBLOX

Probably as a troll alt, she acted as if she was the samantha from the game. She said that she never passed fifth grade. She posted many threads about how she was going to take over ROBLOX, but ended up failing to since she isn't able to take over ROBLOX.

Possible Imprisonment

SamanthaTheEvil months later updated her blurb with the following:

"Hello, this is Samantha Vesania's mother speaking here.
Samantha is in prison right now, so she won't be active for a while."

She is claiming to be her mother and saying that Samantha is in prison and will be inactive for a while, This is the answer to her absense in Off Topic and the reason why she is not making any threads right now. Later her blurb said "Haha, I'm out of jail! I broke out >:D".