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Considering the last one was most likely 100% bias;I think I'l re-write it.

I'm not sure anyone knows when he started OT or if he will over leave (Even though most hope its soon).

Usually when I hear about Rockytree on a thread,People get mad,Instantly side with him,Or don't even know him.

The amount of haters he has is about triple his amount of fans but I don't think he cares.

Here lately hes changed some;Hes been an incy bit nicer.Hes also been in less flamewars and spamming less flamebait.(This is data from the timezone of 8/18/2013)

The flamewars hes been in have been against either some of the biggest OT'ers or people who arn't even known about.

Heres an example almost all of us know about.

Rockytree V.S IDTalk/MuffledSpeech & Moonlight9989

I'm pretty sure IDTalk pretty much whiped him in that one but he put up a fight (Of sorts)


On a thread called Gods Of OT he was called "The God Of Shirtlessness" due to the fact all of his in real pics are with no shirt on.


Watching South Park

Playing PS3

Foruming on Off Topic (Was once rumored he was on RT but that blew off fast)

Listening to music (From what I've heard he has an obsession with Eminem)


The SAW franchise/series

South Park

Total Drama Island



From what I've heard he's known for stalking people...Not sure if thats true but thats a sign of clinginess.

Hes known to have a bipohlar and he is currently on medication for it.

He's hard to figure out.

Oh I forgot to mention how often he gives out personal infromation...

EVENTS (I know what happened but not when):

Making an alt that he used to write fanfictions.

Having his first fangroup made (Some say he made it himself but he claims Coolguy1106)

One of his fans making him a fangroup called Rockytreeism

Ok thats all.