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PvtBrownVIII (for retards who don't know what VIII is, it means 8.) is a OTer that is reported have joined ROBLOX in early 2011 but started to forum on OT a day before the Original Kidzworld Raid (This is possibly how he knows so much about the Kidzworld Raid.) He said that he was one of the OTers that took part in the Kidzworld raid. His original Account (PvtBrown0) had 3474 Posts. Once he got deleted, he said he raged so hard he got deleted in 4 minutes. Then he said he just made accounts and didn't care what he wrote, probably why he has been deleted 7 FREAKING TIMES. (Let me note this happened early 2013.) btw, He said he counted up and if he had his current account at the moment, he would have 7008 Posts.

His Consistency to start Arguments

The problem with PvtBrown is that he starts a lot of Arguments, one of his recent ones was with some Angst attention seeker that copied some Copypasta about hating life. PvtBrown questioned the obvious like "Why do you have BC then?" or "Why are you getting you sending messages to everyone with links to this thread and putting this on your blurb, it's obviously true you are doing this because you want attention, all these people have never forumed in their lifes, this is what most Attention seekers do.", these questions were never answered. Finally, PvtBrown leaked the Copypasta on OT after a long search, and the Angst kid stopped and left.

OT Raiding Kidzworld (6/10/2013)

On July 10th 2013, Thomasdempsey launched a Thread saying that he wanted to raid some place, many OTers put up suggestions, while PvtBrown said "We should Launch a Raid on Kidzworld due to it's young Mods who fall understress.", Thomasdempsey agreed and they said they will launch the Raid the day later. But OTers were patient and wanted to do it that day, PvtBrown probably knew hype would fall so he posted a thread giving info on the Raid, the Thread was simply titled "Me and a few OTers are raiding KW", he asked people if they want to join. In which, many OTers did. The two people in control of the Raid were PvtBrown and Yuigostofotpast. PvtBrown knew had to make it Kidzworld fall, so he wanted OT to do it the way he planned. Many OTers did it as planned, go on the Forums and post many cancerous and pro-satan threads so that Mods will have to close Kidzworld Forums down. Other OT'ers didn't follow the plan, so they started to fail epically. In the end, PvtBrown's plan failed to OTers not following orders. They didn't log on at the same time to increase bandwidth repeatly after the chat closed, so they weren't able to lock down the site for a few hours. They were able to close down the Forums and Chat and this was considered a win by OTers.