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Playfromscratch is a relatively long-standing OTer, who began using Off-Topic around 2011. 


Playfromscratch is generally non-aggressive in posting, but he will occasionally take jabs at threads he considers to be excessively stupid or even immoral in some cases. As his morals are quite different from the majority of OT, this can quickly inflate into heated debates.

Playfromscratch is critical of most Christians, and will covertly scorn those who he thinks are greatly deviating from Biblical morals.


Playfromscratch plays in a marching band, and is adamant about the superiority of his favorite instrument, the marimba.

He sometimes refers to himself as "The Shadow Poster", as his threads usually don't recieve any traffic or comments.

He spends a lot of time on the SCP website instead of doing schoolwork.