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Phasmophobia is a famous/infamous OT'er whom is known for posting many Deletion Traps on his alts and sometimes his main.


Phasmophobia originally joined at around 2010/2011 on the account frogn00b and began posting in 2012 for a while, frogn00b was eventually deleted, he began posting on Phasmophobia soon after the deletion

Deletion Traps

Phasmophobia has also been known to post several deletion trap threads on both his alts and his main, while failing and succeeding at the same time


frogn00b of course, got deleted at around 2012/2013

Phasmophobia was deleted two times, one for unknown reasons, the second for posting a thread arguing that the mods were censoring free speech 

The second deletion

Respect in OT

As with tnt91, respect for him has been mixed, with some praising him and some bashing him

The "boring and religion" controversy

In early 2014, Phasmophobia made a sorta anti-boring thread, linking a tweet made by boring in which boring says homosexuality is a sin, this caused a huge stir, as made people said his twitter account was hacked, boring later confessed that is was actually him and that he prays for OT every night, the page lasted for i think 7 pages before a mod deleted it, on June 24th 2014, boring quit OT because "OT's full of too much sinners"