Off Topic

Off Topic is a subforum of the ROBLOX Forum that was created on May 4th, 2007. It was suggested by Koopa on 4/18/07 before becoming an actual forum. The purpose of OT is a place to talk about random things that don't belong in other subforums.

The Subforum

The subforum is filled with people called 'OTers'. They are people who forum on OT. This community is often considered by the majority of the forums as rude and distasteful. It is often debated on what makes a "good" OTer. There is obviously no clear answer to this, but generally "good" OTers have a large amount of posts, or a large amount of people that like them. The subforum has a regular intake of new forumers, but many of them don't stay for a long period of time.

Timezones of OT

Off Topic as what you could call "timezones", where theres a fluctuation of normal numbers of how many people are foruming. Most of OT is in the east coast, so the very late or very early hours of Eastern Standard Time render OT sparse and slow. Only a handful of people will be foruming during this time.

  • Morning OT
  • Afternoon OT
  • Night OT
  • Midnight OT
  • Early Morning OT
  • Summer OT
  • Winter OT
  • Spring OT

The End

Off Topic, along with RT, ATR, and all the others were removed on July 27th, 2017.

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