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Obakekizuato is an OTer who is usually reffered to as Obake or Cups. The account he uses at the moment is Cupsandsaucers, because ObakeKizuato got terminated. He usually attends OT parties, as well as hosting them himself. He used to host OT water PBS parties a lot too. Obake also likes to play sword fighting, brickbattle and showcase games.His favourite game of all time is Sword Fights On The Heights IV, and he regularly plays it.


Obake's friends are Utopians, Lavaruby, Danipie2, Frantuary, Jonny1367, Evilredpandaa, TheCrazyRavioli, PugglePie and EarthboundFTW.


Obake likes to draw a lot, and he used to draw roblox avatars. He usually draws in an anime-like style and sometimes draws animals. Obake likes to build showcases too.


Obake likes animals, and has a few pets.

Other accounts

Obake's most used alts are ObakeKasai and XxepicpupxXALT. He usually wears a black torso and/or legs, with a white head and arms.