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A group of OTers at an OT PBS Party in 2013.

An OT Party is when an OTer invites other OTers to a game or place of the host's choice. It is usually done when OTers are bored or just want to hang out. The average OT party lasts about 15 minutes.


An OT party is a time to have fun with other OTers. In OT parties, OTers talk about anything their hearts desire as they play games of the host's choice. OTers don't like people from other forums (or people who do not forum at all) in their party. It is considered common sense, almost a rule, for a host to not hold an OT party at their own place, unless their place is accepted by the community,or if they are hosting a PBS (pre update) or Team Create (post update) 

Common places for OT Parties 

OT Parties are sometimes hosted at these places:

As an alternative to PBS parties due to their removal, OTers have moved to hosting Team Create parties - essentially ROBLOX Studio with multiplayer. However, to get into these parties, you have to be invited by the owner. Because of this, some parties do not accept many people, and are hard to enter. On the other hand, some people accept everyone who asks, resulting in chaos.

Off-Site Parties

Occasionally, OT parties are hosted away from the ROBLOX website. Examples include,, and

OT Party Buses

Sometimes an OTer will host an "OT Party Bus", which is like a normal party, except for the fact that the OTers involved change games every 5 to 20 minutes. Party buses can last for a long time - up to 3 hours.


Occasionally an OTer will post a thread telling other OTers to help raid a place. This can be anything from a war clan's base to a virtual coffee group's homestore like Frappe. Since summer of 2015, raids that are not clan-related are banned, so raids are not as commonly hosted anymore, and if they are, are called "ot party" instead.

Fail OT parties

Fail OT parties are OT parties where very few people to nobody joins. This is usually because of the place the party is hosted in or the thread not getting enough views.

Host Discrimination

Some OT party hosts are discriminated due to post count. In early 2012, most OTers have said that up you cannot host an OT party if you have less than 2,000 posts. 4 years later, this is still considered an unspoken rule.