OT chatroom

OT_Chatroom is a tinychat room where people from Off Topic old and new hang out to share various videos and discuss vigorously about a wide variety of subjects. There have been many versions of the OT Chatroom, mostly due to deletion of previous chatrooms due to breaching of Tinychat rules and regulations.

The original OT_Chatroom started in 2010, and was terminated sometime later..

Links to chatrooms

Tinychat periodically lifts the bans on chatrooms. This has led to some frequently used OT_Chatrooms to have been banned multiple times. Hence (Old/New).

Currently Active Chatroom:

  • OT_Chatroom8 (TERMINATED) (Old/New)
  • OT_Chatroom7 (TERMINATED) 1/26/14 (Old/New)
  • OT_Chatroom6 (TERMINATED) 1/26/14 (Old/New)
  • OT_Chatroom5 (TERMINATED) (Old/New)
  • New OT_Chatroom - TERMINATED

Oterchat is a side chatroom that was used when too many people were spamming youtube videos. Youtube video playing is disabled there.

OTimperium is a seperate branch of the OT_chatroom series that was once used by most veteran members of the chatroom to avoid having to deal with the many annoying random visitors that the mainstream chatrooms received.

OT Related Chatrooms

Below are a list of OT related chatrooms not officially associated with the OT_Chatroom series.

People who come every once and a while (or everyday)

Broadcast Dance Party

Broadcast Dance Party (BDP) is a fad recently created in ot_chatroom1. In BDP, people start broadcasting a specific gif. The gif is a character doing the "What now?" -dance, which is originated from Homestuck. The only criteria for you to join in is that the character does the "What now?" -dance. The current record of 'dancers' is 10 dancers.


  • The person who made up ot_chatroom(1) is unknown for now. Prind claims he knows who the creator is, but there's a bunch of people who don't believe him.
  • ot_chatroom1 is an ideal place to see who is who in real life.
  • prind12, Jaons, & Mwacg1 are the most common mods when there are any.
  • You can claim moderatorship if you're the only person in the room.
  • Basically, there is an infinite amount of ot_chatrooms. You can name your ot_chatroom in your own way. (examples: ot_chatroom9847245, ot_chatroombob)
  • Occasionally, someone impersonates an OTer. Omgdsi was impersonated a lot during August 2013.