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Average mathkid421 post(CLICK FOR LARGE)

"yee haww turtles" - MrButtheadOfOT 2016

Mathkid421 is a big fan of the 2013 game, "Democracy 3" and the 2004 game "Half-Life 2".

When he gets banned, he uses his main (MathkidsMain, formally BraeBrae12) or one of his alts as an alternate.

List of alts he currently owns:

BritianArmy = Deleted

Vitaltenery = Deleted (Got be IP'd for 1 month in early 2013)

OTpewdiepie = Not banned (Used for the forums)

mathkid42111 = Not banned (Used for the forums)

backupmathkid421 = Deleted

backupmathkid421alt = Not banned

MathkidsMain = Not banned (Used for the forums)

BraeBrae12 = Changed name to MathkidsMain

SharpBladeClan =  Not deleted

stateIaw1776 = Not deleted

TheFatNoobishHorse = Inactive

iNubCaikEater = Not banned

Only19Characters = Inactive

N000000000000000BS = Inactive

Monstereat100 = Inactive

He is often insulted as a newbag and OD'er, even though his oftenly used account joined in late 2012 and most of those people are often Mid-2013ers - Early 2014ers.


  • His main was created in 2011, but he uses his 2012 account more often.
  • He started OT'ing in mid-2012 and took a break from June 1, 2013 to October 19, 2013.
  • He does not like using capitals at the beginning of sentences
  • The real Mathkid421 created this page, more like a Roblox autobiography.
  • Mathkid421 joined June 11, 2012
  • He joined OT before Phasmophobia did and he thought he would of gotten more post counts, also, during the old OT days, he hated MorisTheCat like other normal people would but now he likes Moris.
  • He forums on RT now
  • He was directly involved in the spamming of ATR of early 2014 causing his sisters main to get 7 day banned and vitaltenery deleted and 1 month IP banned
  • He also contributed a lot to the YES! Magazine incident
  • He resides in a better place, named RT, where all of the good OTers went
  • He left rt because of his name "MrButtheadOfOT" and rters hated him, although he sometimes goes there
  • He was the person behind the May 4th-May 6th 2013 account hacking where he posted his .roblosecurity code, he got 3 day banned and post wiped, he faded out of existence until late October 2013 when he got TBC and resumed posting on OT with about 1k posts
  • His grandmother died and he was on

OTers thoughts

Off Topic hates him, wanna know why?

  • He has been foruming for a while now and has only 6000 posts(as seen here)
  • He is very hateable, mostly because his lack of a sense of humor
  • He has autism, which everyone makes fun of
  • And last but not least, he is known as a "clanscrub" eventhough he made a clan just to get it popular, exile everyone in it, put a permission thing for joining, and leave the group to make it rot, like what OT wants him to do