Millefeui (formerly Fennykynn) is a female OT'er that started foruming actively in January 2013, though she has said multiple times she's "popped in and out since 2010". She currently has 6600+ posts and is rather active. She forums on S&I sometimes, and tends to post stupid things in ATR.

Millefeui is known to be an regular visit to OT Parties, specifically OT PBS parties, which she holds a lot of and sometimes co-hosts with ObakeKizuato.

Millefeui rarely uses grammar, and posts in terrible grammar threads and joins those groups.

She has admitted to being OD'erish in the past, even making fun of herself calling her old avatars "pure concentrated cancer" and "clanscrub oder to the max".s She also used to type capitalizing every word. (You Know, Like This.) Millefeui also admitted to being a minimodder grammar nazi.

Before she joined OT she was rather inactive, quitting in 2012 for other sites but coming back late 2012.


She rarely has moderation history further than warnings, and has very few bans, with around 4 on her main and one on her alt. Despite this, she has many alts, most of which were made in 2013.


  1. Millefeui, main.
  2. Cookiegirl200, main alt.
  3. Sheldesksky, a joke account that she once used on the forums to screw around
  4. Katchen, an account she uses on ATR seriously. When she uses this account, she changes her signature to カッチェン!
  5. LeftSidePink, Green and Yellow - a trio of accounts made in July 2010 (Pink+Green) and August 2010 (Yellow)
  6. Sexii, a namesnipe made in 2012 which she states had a glitch displaying the join date as 2008.
  7. BouncyBeigeBalls, an account made in 2011 (possibly 2012) as a joke with her friend from her pre-roblox days 08-09
  8. iAmBetterThanYoo, one of her main alts. No, it's not related to the actual OT'er.
  9. VBScrypt, another main alt.
  10. Correre, an inactive alt.
  11. Pnigerophobia, which she claimed was better than Phasmophobia.
  12. Desaevio, which she uses for the "serious bits"
  13. Filisecond, a namesnipe made soon after the My Little Pony power ponies episode.
  14. Enekororo, a namesnipe of Delcatty's japanese name.
  15. Ruriri (undetermined)
  16. Nyasper, an inactive namesnipe she made when OT's Espurr fad hit hard (Nyasper = Espurr)

And a crapton of other accounts.