Forum & Games

Originally started out foruming in Forum & Games in April 2012 and reached around 500 posts, but soon grew tired of foruming (because like a nerd she repetitively posted only on one thread , c'mon it's forum games ) which is now deleted so it's practically forgotten. 

Clans & Guilds

Took up interest foruming in Clans & Guilds in late fall 2012 but she soon got tired of the political bastards and their so called "ro-nations" and the constant demands of threads for a "NEED A 2IC FOR NEW 2012 AMZ CLAN SOON TO TAKE THE CLANSCRUB WORLD BY STORM" or a "GFX DESIGNER/UNIFORMS NEEDED11". Plus she got exiled from USA for apparently throwing too much parties for allying nations to the USA. She left once more to forum somewhere else, which ended up being to RT, since she had heard lots about that sub-forum at the time and began foruming but got fed up after 1-2 threads. Refreshing the page once more she found a hate thread directed towards Off Topic and she ventured there.


Off Topic was a perfect fit. Her home. From there she had many amazing and crazy shit drama experiences but she loves it still although. Found her place in the community and still forums there to this day (just maybe not as active like she used to). Now she currently resides in Off Topic despite all the hate she first joined from frognoob/phasmophobia telling her to get out when she merely had only 1,000. She stayed and made many friends such as Vanilla981, Gamefreak1109, and many more OT'ers. She's sometimes over-emotional on skype or just plain weird and on Off Topic too, but that's just Juice. Sometimes when OT is raided she forums in C&G for fun. I mean that's where she came from originally before foruming in Off Topic. But she always returns back to her home, Off Topic.



2015-16: the end

Favorite OT'ers / Buddies 

probably will never be finished