DanBrowned is the alt of an unknown user who apparently joined in 2009, although the account itself was created in 2014.


DanBrowned joined ROBLOX on January 8th, 2014, initially as just a namesnipe for the name of a trope. After joining the forums, he became friends with SkippyDaCop and took on his likeness and helped patrol the forums. While not becoming well-known very quickly, his early threads were notable.


Despite being an alt himself, DanBrowned, at his own witness, has said that he has many alts, although the exact number is unknown. Nobody, except himself, knows who his main is. Three of his alts are known as of late: PresidentofBP, DanWhited and Dzun.

Other Information

DanBrowned was a key player in The Cyan War, going so far to accuse Cyanmaree of being a man, in accordance with rules 30 and 31 of the internet. His current stance on the image she supplied is that it is not enough proof, and that the arm is masculine in nature. He is also friends with ForumGame. As of the end of the ForumGame vs BritainsGotTalentA51 occurance, he quickly sided with ForumGame and is currently trying to drive BGT out of Off Topic, like what BGT did with FG.

According to BGT, DanBrowned got both BritainsGotTalentA51 and BritainsGotTalentGre banned, although this claim is supported by very little proof, and said proof also points to many other OTers.