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creativegraphics is a former frequent of OT, whose only source of notability derives from the fact that he has had his ROBLOX account terminated four times; for various, and arguably, arbitrary reasons.

Interestingly, the subject of this article gained fame and extended his social presence through unconventional means; statistics were posted and a study was conducted which dictates that ~1200 ( roughly 50% ) of his posts were threads. Of those 1200 threads, ~800 ( roughly 66% ) of his threads struck conversations ( or comparable ) comprising over 50 replies, and fewer than ~20 of his threads ( roughly 0.0166% ) provoked no replies.


Due to the fact that his period of activity is a point of time that is relatively far from the present, an accurate synopsis of creativegraphics' behavior throughout the forum is unavailable and would require bias to fill in the numerous gaps. However, there are 3 main personality traits which constitute his mostly-unknown personality, and they are, as follows;

  • Self-centered: It is agreed on by many that creativegraphics' behavioral patterns strike as, and strongly suggest, a god complex.
  • Tolerant: creativegraphics strikes as being a moderately tolerant person; this is suggested, in part, by the fact that he doesn't seem to have a problem interacting with people that others found irritating.