Last updated: May 11, 2017

CPMegamach (Bloxzed) is a poster in the Off Topic subforum. He had started foruming on Off Topic in early June 2015, after posting in Roblox Talk since April. He is now terminated but has a list of alternative accounts which are still to this day very active every once in a while.

Account Information

CPMegamach had changed the username of his main account from CPMegamach to bloxzed, but still prefers to be called CPMegamach. His main account is now terminated and he is known for having many alternative accounts. At the time of his termination, he had 4,606 posts, but now has accumulated up to 12,000 posts with the help of alternative accounts.


On the 7th of September, 2015, bloxzed was terminated for no sourced reason. He was very likely terminated after creating the group "Trashé" which had reached 49 members. Trashé was deleted, along with bloxzed, and no information was given by the ROBLOX contact team. Many group members believed he was mass-reported by Frappé members, because group members would often go to Frappé to advertise Trashé.

Alts and Current Day

CPMegamach had started posting on extrafire after his termination, but then was deleted. He then used CPMegamach2, which had reached a high amount of posts, and from there, he began to use a large amount of alts. Good thing he keeps track of them so you can have this list:

Terminated Alts

•CPMegamach/bloxzed - 4,606 posts

•MegamachCP - 275 posts

•extrafire - 771 posts

•CPMegamach2 - 3,486 posts

•CPMegamach3 - 478 posts

•CPMegamach4 - 385 posts

•iiStarbxcksqirlxX  - 205 posts

•CPMegamach5 - 1,217 posts

•CPMegamach6 - 313 posts

•CPMegamach7 - 172 posts

•CPMegamach8 - 5 posts

•CPMegamach9 - 4 posts

•CPMega_Mach - 58 posts

•CPMeganice - 198 posts

•ForumModBot - 209 posts

Active Alts