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Bravo6whisky is an generic OTer who has created his own wikia page for popularity, and been foruming since late 2014. He joined on his first account, Manofthecentury, in 2011. He left ROBLOX for about a month, thinking it was "just too blocky". He rejoined in September 2011 on his current account, Bravo6whisky. He has faded into inactivity, not logging on to roblox in almost a month. It is unknown if he has switched accounts, or is simply inactive.

Ban History

Bravo has been banned nearly 20 times, including 2 IP bans and has had 4 accounts deleted. Most of the bans he has received were unfairly given.

Known Alternate Accounts

  • Kuwaii
  • Manofthecentury
  • Shrekky
  • Bravo5whisky
  • Selfishly
  •  yksihw6ovarb