Example of a user termination

 A ban on ROBLOX is a result of an infringement of the Terms of Service, otherwise more commonly known as "breaking the rules." Because of the rather robust and dangerous nature of Off Topic, these bans are very common. All bans are given for a reason, but sometimes a moderator message is not provided. This leaves the user without any clue as to why they were banned.

Various slang or terminology referring to bans (often used to disguise talking about bans, of which is against the rules) is "b&" (pronounced exactly the same as "banned") or "#-dayer" (referring to bans only, with the number being the amount of days the user is banned for).
Banned from ROBLOX for an irrational reason


The only way to have a termination or ban lifted before the re-activation date is to send an appeal. The appeal system is often criticized for using canned (pre-written) responses, but the appeals are in fact read by real people. If the appeal reviewer does not believe the appealer was unfairly banned, the appeal will be denied. You cannot appeal the same account more than once, nor can you appeal an account that has been deleted for more than a month. Many users criticize the appeal system since appeals have a tiny slim chance of being accepted. (Mainly NBC)

Types of Bans

There are several different ban levels on ROBLOX. All bans are varied lengths. Note that 1 day means exactly 24 hours, 3 days means 72 hours, 7 days means one week, etc.


Essentially the same thing as a warning. These are very rarely given out but were common to new users. Reminders are no longer given, instead you will review warnings.


These "bans" are given to players who violate the rules. Essentially the same as a reminder, as reminder offences merged to warning offenses.

1 Day Ban

This ban locks your account for 1 day. There is no point appealing for a 1 day ban, since it takes around 2 days to reply to appeals.

3 Day Ban

This ban locks your account for 3 days. You can appeal for this ban but it often expires before ROBLOX support replies to appeals.

7 Day Ban

This ban locks your account for 7 days. It is worth appealing for these.

14 Day ban

This ban locks your account for 14 days. It is definitely worth appealing for these, reasons to be banned for 14 days: inapp. user, cyberbullying people, severe/repeated TOS violations.

Account Deletion

Account deleted

This ban permanently locks your account. You can appeal for these, but only after a month of the ban taking place. Most likely, ROBLOX has some sort of backup data, which they delete after a month. You only get one chance to appeal, so make your appeal letter great or it's game over. People are also angry because of the fact appeals have an extremely slim chance of being accepted for deletions. When new accounts post innapropriate pictures, they most likely delete the account due to using other accounts to break rules.

Poison Ban

This ban deletes all accounts associated with the targeted user's email address. You will also be disabled from making new accounts.

Poison Ban Type II

This ban deletes all accounts in the IP affected by this ban. You will also be disabled from making new accounts. This type of poison ban most likely bans more accounts than the first.

IP Ban

This ban blocks your IP address from the Roblox site. At first, it's for 7 days, then you can access the site again. If you break rules again though, it will be permanent.

Post Purge

These replace all your forum posts with [ Content Deleted ]. These often, but not always, happen before a ban, and are common on the forums. This is no longer used due to the fourms shutdown.

User Code 0x1

This disables you from playing any ROBLOX game on a certain IP. The length of this ban is unknown, some people have had it for months.

This ban is usually given out to players who have made sexually explicit places that have been considered adult content by moderators.

When the player tries to start up with this type of ban, they receive this error message:

"Roblox cannot startup. User code = 0x1"

This type of moderation is no longer given instead the player getting an account deletion or a temporary ban, or even the ID=610 error.

Builders Club free of bans controversy

Some people have noticed that bans are less likely to occur/get less harsh offences when the user has Builder's Club, particularly annual OBC, the most expensive membership on ROBLOX. Some people even think that people with lifetime OBC can never get deleted, but this was proven false when a RTer with lifetime OBC was deleted. There have also been cases where game-developers such as Parlus was deleted with OBC lifetime.

Ban complaints


A deletion for harassment.

When a person gets banned, sometimes they will end up going on the forums and complaining about it. If they get a Reminder/Warning, they'll sometimes end up posting about it on the forums, This is also a way to get banned as complaining about your moderation history is considered as a rule.

If they get a ban, they'll do the same thing but this time with an alt account. They'll say something like

"Wow just got banned for (Days here). Thanks mods."

Mods are idiots! They banned my account!

Mods are corrupt, account just got deleted.

Usually what happens is that when people make a thread, they get responses saying that complaining about your moderation history is a bannable offence. This will result in a ban.

In the ToS, it says that if you want to appreciate the moderation system you should post it in the S&I (Suggestions and Ideas) subforum.

Examples of bans

You can see & contribute to a gallery of ban examples here. Do not post your bans on this page.